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March 4, 2006

JuanMiguelWell here he is… the man.


What do you mean “no recycling”?

March 3, 2006

There’s something about London that brings the whinger out in everyone. Even the most chipper, upbeat personality can quite easily be bought low when they come into contact (conflict) with one or some of London’s “quirks”. I am upbeat in general, but I have succumbed on many occasion.
I expect its mostly due to population density, but its fair to say that London is not a clean town. My neighbourhood of Cricklewood (I call it Crack-lewood) is regarded as fairly middle-of-the-road-ish, but there’s rubbish everywhere. And nobody recycles. Anything. Ever. Here I am on the other side of the planet in Australia being a good little global citizen, while 60million poms are merrily binning anything and everything, eventually to be shipped to landfill in Indonesia. And thats when the trash actually makes it in the bin – and not on the street.
This is very dispiriting, to say the least.

Harp Seals dial M for McCartney

March 3, 2006

Mace Maybe its a question of universal values. George Bush believes that values like democracy and freedom are such, and he’s been force-feeding them on a comparitively unwilling populace for the past 3 years. Lets call it “teething problems”. While there are obviously scales of magnitude involved I don’t find it too dis-similar to Paul McCartney & his wife Linda Heather Mills telling Canada that their annual seal hunt is barbaric and should be stopped. Excuse me? Lets roll out a capital “H” for Hypocrisy. We’re quite happy to buzz-saw chicken necks and slit cow and sheep throats by the billion but its not OK for some rural Quebecois and Newfies to beat the heads in of a couple of hundred thousand Harp & Greycoat seals simply because they’re cute?
Unsurprisingly root & berry diet advocates PETA are backing the idealistic crusade using their extensive media power to play up the myth that “nearly half of the seals are skinned alive” when in fact any post-mortem movement can be attributed to the nervous “swim reflex” condition – also displayed in chickens when they run around after being decapitated.

Just another example in the litany of people telling others what’s good for them.


March 2, 2006

Arcane Book Barely 5 hours in and its a post fiesta! The vastness of the blogsphere has already left an impression on me – I have a headache. Not bad enough to want to drill into my frontal lobes, but more than enough to make me think “Nurofen”
While I love the fact that can Google/Wiki just about anything today, it also drives me to find things that are “un-Google-able”, simply because I’m a contrary guy who likes to have or know things that other people don’t have or don’t know about. I really want to visit places no one else visits, like eastern Siberia or Equatorial Guinea. So far though the twin spectres of money and bureaucracy (visas) have inflicted the chill touch of apathy upon my spirit, and I’ve only made it as far as dingy England. un jour…

One of my favourite books of all time is “The Hungry Cloud” by Tom Ingram. Its a child/teenager fantasy novel about two children who are forced to save their kingdom after their parents fall under the spell of a witch and her henchman. Sounds derivative I suppose – even in 1970 when it was published, but its a cracking read and in my opinion a lot better than the Harry Potter fare on offer today. It also has some magical line & ink illustrations by a guy named Bill… somebody (its been a long time, and the book is currently in storage in my sister’s garage) which really enhance the story.

Anyway, the book is essentially forgotten – I’ve never met anybody who’s ever heard of it let alone read it. As far as I can tell it has never been re-printed and apart from one out-of-print-book website it has no Net presence. Poor Tom, while I’m sure you’ve never been Rowling in millions I salute you, and if you’re still alive you can take heart that no matter what you create there’ll always be an audience, no matter how small.

JuanMiguel: backstabber extrordinaire

March 2, 2006

Eviscerate Well, since my introduction is done (in a manner of speaking) I might as well start on the other protagonist, well the main one anyway. JuanMiguel is a level 59 Rogue on the Proudmoore World of Warcraft server. I’ll post a pic later when I get one. For all intents and purposes he is my alter-ego and avatar. I created him (in-game “rolled”) not long after I started playing in December 2005. There’s way too much to explain about WoW with regards to a character so I’ll just post a link to the site: World of Warcraft

Well hello

March 2, 2006

Bonjour, this is the first post in my first blog which I’m sure will amount to very little in the vast chaotic space that is “teh internets”. It will mostly be an exercise to help me improve my written english and at some point my written french. The title of this blog “The Rogue Trader” refers to my main character in the now almost ubiquitous MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-Line Roleplaying Game) World of Warcraft.

There are countless blogs out there about World of Warcraft (WoW) and I would guess that they are mostly by IT professionals such as myself who like to live the game while they’re at work. This is testament I would imagine to the games immersiveness and sheer quality. There are several other real life (IRL) examples which allude to this, many of them not positive such as the death of a korean gamer after 50 hours (!!!!) at the chair playing WoW.

The game is a cultural phenomenon, and I will relate to anyone who cares to read this blog the experiences of one “addict” who lives (well he thinks he does) a normal life often in conflict with the best and most addictive computer game ever made.