Well hello

Bonjour, this is the first post in my first blog which I’m sure will amount to very little in the vast chaotic space that is “teh internets”. It will mostly be an exercise to help me improve my written english and at some point my written french. The title of this blog “The Rogue Trader” refers to my main character in the now almost ubiquitous MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-Line Roleplaying Game) World of Warcraft.

There are countless blogs out there about World of Warcraft (WoW) and I would guess that they are mostly by IT professionals such as myself who like to live the game while they’re at work. This is testament I would imagine to the games immersiveness and sheer quality. There are several other real life (IRL) examples which allude to this, many of them not positive such as the death of a korean gamer after 50 hours (!!!!) at the chair playing WoW.

The game is a cultural phenomenon, and I will relate to anyone who cares to read this blog the experiences of one “addict” who lives (well he thinks he does) a normal life often in conflict with the best and most addictive computer game ever made.


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