What do you mean “no recycling”?

There’s something about London that brings the whinger out in everyone. Even the most chipper, upbeat personality can quite easily be bought low when they come into contact (conflict) with one or some of London’s “quirks”. I am upbeat in general, but I have succumbed on many occasion.
I expect its mostly due to population density, but its fair to say that London is not a clean town. My neighbourhood of Cricklewood (I call it Crack-lewood) is regarded as fairly middle-of-the-road-ish, but there’s rubbish everywhere. And nobody recycles. Anything. Ever. Here I am on the other side of the planet in Australia being a good little global citizen, while 60million poms are merrily binning anything and everything, eventually to be shipped to landfill in Indonesia. And thats when the trash actually makes it in the bin – and not on the street.
This is very dispiriting, to say the least.


3 Responses to “What do you mean “no recycling”?”

  1. camdenlady Says:

    Not all of us, honest, though I’m not a real pom. Camden has quite good recycling, and I take bottles, newspapers, plastics, cans and bric-a-brac to the place up the road.

  2. pickpocket Says:

    Its a far cry from having a separate collection though, and you’re very much the exception to the rule. Good on you though!

  3. camdenlady Says:

    I’m in an apartment building, and its difficult for the caretakers. When I lived in a house, just up the road from here, there was a recycling collection. Camden has a recycling rate of 25%, apparently the best of the inner London boroughs. Not great by European standards perhaps, but not nothing. Contact your local council – I think you’ll find they do more than you expect, and I’m sure you can have a kerbside collection.

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